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Oprah’s Battle with Drug Abuse

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An article was published in October 2010 that states: “An estimated 20.4 million people in the United States used some kind of illicit drug in the past 30 days.” *That equates to about 15% of the population of the entire United States.

And as it was revealed a few years ago, Oprah was not immune to the misguided lure of taking drugs.

In an interview with Billy Bush in 2005 Oprah divulged painful private secrets for the first time on-air. Oprah said her hardest-kept secret was of her drug abuse.

Oprah stated: “Years ago I had a woman on my show who was talking about drugs and how she was addicted to her boyfriend and I had used drugs in my 20s with this boyfriend and I was more addicted to the boyfriend than I was to the drugs,” she revealed. “So the admission to using drugs on television was the biggest thing.”

“It was Crack, right?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, well it wasn’t called crack at the time. It was called freebasing. It was before crack was crack,” she admitted.

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